Wig Care Instructions

How to wear your wig

Brush your hair off your face at the top and the sides.
If your hair is long, use "Bobby Pins", to secure the hair off your face, back at the sides, and up at the nape.
You can wear a wig liner or sew toupee clips onto your wig, to hold it securely in place.
Hold your wig at the sides. Most wigs have ear tabs on either side of the front of the
wig. Towards the bottom back of the wig, there are adjustable tabs for adjusting the
size of the wig for a better fit. Place the front of the wig at your natural hairline and
slide it on, from front to back. Adjust the wig as needed, so the front edge is just over,
your natural hairline. Use the ear- tabs, to center your wig from left to right.
If the wig is the same color as your own hair, you can blend in your own hairline with the front of the wig for a more natural look.
Tuck in any stray hairs at the front, sides and nape.

General Styling Tips:

Don't try to get every hair perfectly in place.
This can make your wig look "unnatural" or "wiggy".
Use wig brushes, combs, your fingers and other styling accessories such as
wig-oil spray, wig hair spray or styling gel.

Synthetic Styles:

Try the "shake and go" method. Many styles, just only need, a good shake or finger
styling and they're ready to wear. For tight, curly or ringlet styles, give the wig a gentle
shake, then, gently lift the curls with a pick comb or your fingers. DO NOT BRUSH.
For wavy styles with loose curls, just brush lightly with a wig styling brush or pick comb
using short, lifting strokes enough to relax the style. For long, curly styles use your
fingers, or a pick comb to gently lift and separate the curls.
For straight styles, gently brush, and try not to stretch the fibers. Do not use any
heated styling tools, such as hair dryers and curling irons or other heat sources. Some
wigs, have a "packing" top, which is, (shorter fibers at root/base of wig). These shorter
fibers are there to give body and volume to the wig. A light combing from the
root base in an upward direction, with a wide tooth comb/brush, will blend them
into the other longer fibers. Then, using your fingers, pick out the strands and move
them into the direction of the style, that you want to achieve. You may want to do
this with your fingers. If you feel the hair has a little too much sheen, you can dust it
lightly, with a little corn starch or talcum powder on a puff or brush. Be sure, to
apply it, very lightly, and shake the excess powder off, or it will appear grey.

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